MegaFon, G-Core Labs Unite Content Delivery Networks

UrBC, Moscow, July 2, 2019. MegaFon announced the launch of its updated MegaFon CDN service this week; the product has been developed in partnership with the international provider G-Core Labs’ content delivery network, the telecom company’s press service reports.

The partnership is expected to speed up the website performance and the delivery of bulky media files to end users in Russia and all over the world considerably. Thanks to collaborating with G-Core Labs, MegaFon’s customers will be able to stay active online anywhere in the world with MegaFon CDN, while G-Core Labs will expand its content delivery infrastructure in Russia.

MegaFon’s updated service guarantees speedy content delivery even at peak workload (response time comes to under 20 milliseconds with CDN, which reduces the customers’ source server and data channel workload by 95%). Tech support is available 24/7/365.

MegaFon’s customers also get access to a unique cloud media platform that lets you do 4Ę, 3D, and 3600 live streaming sessions all over the world.

You control the streaming process from your personal account that contains everything necessary to work with the video stream as well as all the essential statistical data that let you evaluate the streaming quality.

MegaFon’s customers access the service through MegaFon CDN through their personal accounts on the telecom company’s website.

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