UTair passengers get stuck between Yekaterinburg and Thailand again

29 January 2014 (09:48)

January 29, 2014. Russian travelers have been unable to leave Phuket Airport for Yekaterinburg since January 27 because UTair’s chartered flight 5 140 gets delayed. Their Boeing 757-200 was to have taken off at 9:50 AM on January 27 but the departure was actually put off till another day.

UTair’s chartered flight 5 140 from Phuket to Yekaterinburg is delayed because our Boeing 757-200 aircraft arrived in Phuket late. This, in its turn, had to do with a series of delays (caused by other factors)of a number of other flights that this particular plane was used for,’ the airline’s press service explained to UrBC.

According to the air carrier, the plane with Russian passengers aboard will perhaps leave Phuket at 7:50 PM on January 28. However, the airline’s press service said it was not impossible that the departure would be postponed yet again.

‘The flight was booked by Anex Tour, which is currently taking care of the passengers at the airport. All of them have been placed in hotels for the time of the wait,’ the airline’s press service says.

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