Passengers can't get from Yekaterinburg to Phuket

6 December 2013 (09:56)

December 6, 2013. Nordwind Airlines Yekaterinburg-Phuket flight has been delayed at Koltsovo Airport for a few hours now.

'Nordwind Airlines chartered flight was supposed to have taken off as early as 4:15 AM. At the moment, the departure has been put of till 1 PM. The delay had to do with the fact that no actual aircraft was provided by the time of departure,' Koltsovo Airport's press service reports.

The airport representatives also explained that the said Boeing 767-300 arrived from Phuket to Yekaterinburg and was then redirected to Ufa, where Norwind Airlines planned to have the aircraft serviced.

This is actually the second time passengers can't fly from Yekaterinburg to Phuket. On December 2, UTair Airlines' Yekaterinburg-Krabi flight was delayed by nearly 24 hours. Flight 5139 Yekaterinburg-Krabi, to be operated on Boeing 757-200, was delayed for technical reasons. The plane was to have taken off at 8-30 PM local time. In the end, the departure only took pace in the evening of December 3.

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