Sverdlovsk Region’s budget deficit comes to 26.6bn RUR in 2013

January 21, 2014. According to the recently available data, Sverdlovsk Region’s budget revenues amounted to 153.8bn RUR in 2013, while spending came to 180.4bn RUR, Sverdlovsk Region Government’s Press Service & Information Department reports.

The unfavorable global economic factors resulted in a decrease in the federal constituency’s budget inflow, and the planned target figures were only met by 98% (the revenues were 3.3bn RUR less than expected).

As for the budget spending, this was 180.4bn RUR, which exceeded the figures for 2012 by 15.7%, or 24.5bn RUR.

It has preliminarily calculate that the budget deficit reached 26.6bn RUR, which is 4bn RUR less than the legally determined limit.

As of January 1, 2014, the government debt amounted to 39.9bn RUR, while the legally determined limit for the federal constituency’s budget is 36.9bn RUR.

The final figures on the implementation of the local budget for 2013 will be available in late March 2014.

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