Iron Goods Plant gets fined for violating labor law

December 18, 2013. The public prosecution authorities of Tagilstroyevsky District of Nizhniy Tagil conducted a scheduled on-site inspection of how Iron Goods Plant complied with the labor legislation.

The spokesperson for the public prosecution authorities of Sverdlovsk Region reports that it has been detected the company did not have all of its work places certified for compliance with the legal norms, and the people in charge of labor protection were not tested for expertise in this area. No schemes were set out for the movement of vehicles or for the employee routes. No information was provided on the employee medical checkups, not all the certified individual protective gear suits and the special enhanced visibility clothing were distributed to the workers,

What is more, the workers who get fired do not get paid on the day of leaving, and no work record book is given to the employees on the day their contract is terminated.

Following an inspection by the public prosecutor that involved the director and the HR manager of the plant, administrative action was taken, with charges based on Article 5.27 (part 1) of the Russian Federation Administrative Offense Code (Violation of labor law). The executives had to pay fines as a result.

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