NTMK Fined for Emissions

1 August 2011 (09:31)

An inspection carried out by Nizhniy Tagil division of Sverdlovsk Region public prosecution authorities for the environment revealed that RMK-NTMK, its former Director-General I. Perfilov, and Nizhniy Tagil Iron & Steel Works (NTMK) itself had violated the existing environmental legislation.

Therefore legal action was taken against the first two offenders, with charges based on Article 8.2 of the Russian Federation Administrative Offense Code (non-compliance with the environmental and sanitary-epidemiological regulations regarding the collection, storage, use, deactivation, transportation, and disposal of production and consumption waste and hazardous substances); NTMK is charged with violation of the terms of a special permission to discharge pollutants (Article 8.21 (part 2) of the Russian Federation Administrative Offense Code.

Following the hearing of the cases, RMK-NTMK and its former DG had to pay 100,000 RUR and 10,000 RUR in fines, respectively, whereas NTMK had to pay a 35,000-ruble fine.

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