Yekaterinburg is ready for the Olympic Torch Relay

16 December 2013 (09:42)

December 16, 2013. Yekaterinburg is ready for the Olympic Torch Relay – the torch was delivered to the Urals’ capital on Friday.

The Olympic Torch was taken from the railway station to the Russian Railways Museum and then to Nizhniy Tagil. Yekaterinburg actually only welcomed the Torch on Friday, the relay itself was scheduled for December 14.

During the relay, roads were cleared off vehicles, special marks were made on the roads and about 300 signs forbidding parking were located along the route. What is more, a lot of snow-cleaning vehicles were employed to prepare the route for the relay and to control the condition of the roads the entire day. The public transport schedule was changed as well.

The Yekaterinburg stage of the relay is to start in Square 1905 at 9AM on Saturday with the welcoming address by the city heads; following this, the international emblem of the Games made of air balloons – five entwined different-colored rings that stand for the five parts of the world that are taking part in the Olympics – will be released in the air. Then, a little show will be put up by the local sports and theatre teams.

The relay is 54km long and will be filled with other concert venues where local residents and visitors to the city will be able to feel the spirit of the Olympics and support the Sochi Games. For example, an ice skating show will be performed at 107/1 Malyshev St from 3-40 to 5 PM, and pictures can be taken with the Olympic Torch of the Moscow Olympics 1980 and with a unique vintage car that took part in the relay over thirty years ago.

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