300 people carry Olympic Torch in Yekaterinburg

December 17, 2013. 300 people took part in the Olympic Torch relay in Yekaterinburg; the relay was 54 km long.

On Sunday, several hundred people gathered to meet the symbol of the Olympics in Square 1905 downtown.

The Olympics of 1976 ski race champion and world champion of 1978, deserved master of sports of the USSR Zinaida Amosova was the first person to carry the torch.

The route was cleared off vehicles, and over 300 street signs forbidding parking were installed along the roads. Yekaterinburg Council employed a lot of snow-removing vehicles to prepare the route and to control the condition of the roads throughout the day.

The Olympic symbol was carried not only by such well-known sports players as Alexander Popov, Angelika Timaninai, and Yegor Mekhontsev, but also by Head of Yekaterinburg Council Alexander Yakob and his deputies Sergey Tushin and Mikhail Matveyev.

‘The event went through smoothly, which was made possible due to the efforts the municipal authorities made to get ready for the relay: some security measures for the torch-bearers on the route were discussed, no alcohol was available for sale nearby, the municipal services ensured the proper condition of the road 24/7. All the division of Yekaterinburg Council were involved in the preparations,’ the city council’s press service reports.

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