CCO's average salary in Yekaterinburg is 162,000 RUR a month

November 27, 2013. In 2013, the number of job openings for the top management in the sales sector did not go up, but the number of job application actually rose by 13.8%,'s research findings indicate.

Employers are looking to hire a person with great experience: in 61% of cases, three to six years' experience is a must, in 15% of cases, one needs to have over six years' experience to apply. Finding such a person is always a very trying task for the employer. There are often some additional job prerequisites such as fluent English, being ready to go on business trips, a degree in Marketing, Management, or an MBA.

On average, Chief Commercial Officers are offered 200,000 RUR a month in Moscow, 185,000 RUR a month in Saint Petersburg, 162,000 RUR a month in Yekaterinburg, and 139,000 RUR a month in Chelyabinsk.

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