Yekaterinburg: Locals Need RUB 170,000 A Month to Live Happily

7 October 2019 (09:08)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, October 7, 2019. An average Yekaterinburg resident needs an income of RUB 170,000 a month to live happily, Superjob’s recent research findings indicate.

‘An average Russian needs RUB 161,000 a month to be happy. Men require almost 33% more money than women: the figures come to RUB 181,000 and RUB 138,000, respectively. Younger respondents need relatively modest amounts to secure their happiness: people in the under-24 age group say RUB 118,000 a month would be enough to make them feel happy,’ the research states.

‘The demand for money keeps rising with the increase in the respondents’ actual income: people making under RUB 30,000 a month say they need RUB 117,000 monthly to be happy; people making over RUB 80,000 a month say they need RUB 238,000 a month on average in order to feel happy,’ Superjob says.

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