IT Directors in Yekaterinburg Make 125,000 RUR a Month

31 January 2013 (09:36)

March 31, 2013. Yekaterinburg proved Russia’s third best-paying city in terms of IT Directors’ salaries. The senior managers involved in the IT field make 125,000 RUR a month on average in Yekaterinburg, with about 17.2 job applications submitted for every vacancy, Superjob’s research indicates.

On average, IT Directors based in large Russian cities make 80,000 RUR a month (in Volgograd) to 185,000 RUR a month (in Moscow). The most experienced senior managers might make up to 200,000 RUR a month in places like Kazan and Omsk, up to 320,000 RUR in Saint Petersburg, and up to 400,000 RUR in Moscow.

In fact, a lot of companies are now facing difficulties finding IT directors due to the shortage of skilled cadre on the market. At the same time, the candidates applying for the position do not always meet the requirements set out for the job.

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