Average Russian family needs 67,000 RUR to keep up

12 May 2015 (09:19)

May 12, 2015. An average Russian family needs 68,900 RUR a month to live ‘OK’, Romir, a research center says.

‘1,100 urban residents in the representative sampling of the 18+ age group were surveyed in April 2015. They were asked to say how much money they feel a three-person family living in their home town needs a month to keep up with ‘normal’ living standards,’ the center explains.

Just like in the previous years, the two biggest shares of respondents (27% and 28%) chose the 45,000 RUR to 60,000 RUR range and the 60,000 RUR to 90,000 RUR range, respectively. This means that more than one half of Russian families (55%) are prepared to live on 45,000 RUR to 90,000 RUR a month. Every one in five families (20%) can make do with 20,000 RUR to 45,000 RUR and about a quarter of those surveyed (23%) would like to have at least 90,000 RUR a month, with 7% of respondents checking the ‘over 120,000 RUR a month’ box.

Thus an average Russian family’s needs amounted to 68,900 RUR a month in 2015, which was actually 12% less than a year earlier (78,500 RUR) and 10% less than in 2013 (76,500 RUR). In fact, this year’s idea of a ‘sufficient income’ is back to the levels of 2011 and 2012, when monthly budgets came to 62,000 RUR to 65,000 RUR.

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