Communal housing utilities in Russia are over 60% worn out

November 27, 2013. The Russian communal housing infrastructure's annual turnover is 4 trillion RUR, the Construction & Communal Housing Services Minister Mikhail Men said at the annual meeting of Chair of the Soviet of the Federation Valentina Matvienko with heads of ministries and departments, Prime reports.

According to Men, this is nearly 7% of the Russian GDP.

'This means 140 million consumers, not counting the industrial sector,' the minister said.

Men said that the infrastructure got over 60% worn out in the course of the last two decades.

The minister pointed out that the Construction Ministry intended to come up with some long-term plans on the communal infrastructure development and switch to long-term tariff planning.

He also believes that concession agreements should be employed to attract investment.

'We need to stop expanding our expenses and to start reducing our outgoings,' he said.

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