MegaFon invests over 70m RUR in improving corporate customer service

November 25, 2013. MegaFon implemented its multi-faceted program on improving the customer service for its corporates: this project required over 70m RUR in terms of investments. In addition to upgrading the traditional service channels, the mobile communication carrier built the Federal Corporate Customer Service Center, with one main function of processing the subscribers’ written queries, the company’s press service reports.

The construction of the Center was yet another stage of the multi-faceted corporate customer service improvement program. The Center’s sites in Bryansk and Samara are targeted at processing emailed, faxed, or website-submitted queries from corporates from all over Russia. The Center is in charge of producing answers relating to customer service that do not require the customer to be present in person. The new Center will make it possible for MegaFon to make its corporates service centralized and to fit it within the same set of service standards.

‘We appreciate our customers’ time and try to offer them increasingly more instruments and solutions. The new service system is meant to serve one ambitious goal of processing all the corporate customers’ queries within one day and of processing all the urgent queries online, right there and then. Our multi-faceted approach to customer service will mean redistributing the workload among all of our service channels and ensuring a tailor-made approach to every customer regardless of how big or small their team of employees is,’ says MegaFon Corporates Director Vlad Volfson.

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