Yekaterinburg shopping malls now must have anti-terrorist security passports

November 21, 2013. The shopping malls of Yekaterinburg were obliged to get anti-terrorist security passports, Head of the local police Public Security Department Major Mardan Gasanov.

‘The security passports will be developed in cooperation with the police. The passports will be checked and corrected on a recommendatory basis. All shopping malls must get a lifting gate for their parking lots as well as HD CCTV cameras that could store data for a week or longer,’ he said.

The malls’ security service employees say that some organizations are already offering to get such a passport issued for 120,000 RUR. The police representatives, however, insist this is an overpriced offer, as creating such a passport for the entire city of Yekaterinburg is only 20,000 RUR more expensive. Besides, a sample of such a passport can be downloaded online free of charge.

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