Cars get hijacked from Leroy Merlin parking lots most often among malls

21 November 2013 (09:23)

November 21, 2013. The hypermarket Leroy Merlin was No.1 in terms of least safe parking lots in 2013, Deputy Head of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate division in Yekaterinburg, Lieutenant Colonel Vladislav Sergeyev said in the course of a round table discussion today.

‘This year, the greatest number of cars – as far as shopping malls go – were hijacked from the parking lot of Leroy Merlin (4 autos altogether), 3 cars were stolen from Mega’s parking lot, and 2 cars were stolen from the parking lots of Park House and Yekaterininsky Mall each,’ Sergeyev said.

He also pointed out that Leroy Merlin and Yekaterininsky had the worst security facilities; their parking lots offer no protection for cars whatsoever and don’t even have any video cameras.

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