Pervouralsk New Pipe Plant undergoes quality management system audit

1 November 2013 (17:37)

November 1, 2013. The very first surveillance audit of the company's quality management system was carried out at Pervouralsk New Pipe Plant (a member of ChTPZ Group). The plant was checked for compliance with the ISO 9001 and the Russian national standard GOST ISO 9001 requirements.

The audit was carried out by TUV International RUS, Moscow, and TzMKS, a certification body from Chelyabinsk.

During their inspection, auditors looked into the performance of most of the plant's divisions, checked documentation, and evaluated the quality of technological processes and the productivity of the product quality management system.

Following the results of the inspection, the auditors gave a good estimate of the plant's quality management system and of the condition of the production departments and the equipment. They also estimated the workers' skills highly. This means the enterprise had the validity of its ISO 9001 and GOST ISO 9001 certificates confirmed. Having such certificates is a proof of good quality control system organization, which is particularly important when it comes to export orders.

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