Sinara Pipe Plant sets up study lab

October 28, 2013. A new study lab meant for helping automatic line and unit operators get some training was set up at Sinara Pipe Plant, a member enterprise of Pipe Metallurgical Company. The study lab is located in the building of Pipe-Drawing Department 2, Pipe Metallurgical Company’s press service says.

The simulators that are installed in the lab reproduce the production process in a kind of virtual reality. The 3D images of how the NC equipment and the internal components of a mill work are displayed onto the computer monitors; one can also look closely at the equipment setting adjustment and diagnostics methods. The trainees can track the order in which the control functions should be performed; the learning process complies with the major didactic principles of cognitive activity; the lab also provides access to reference materials and textbooks and gives one some training necessary to develop practical skills; there is also a system for checking how well the theory and practice have been mastered by the students.

In addition, the study plan provides for simulation of emergencies that might occur during equipment operation.

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