Nizhniy Tagil to get 2bn RUR from Sverdlovsk Region budget for infrastructure development

October 23, 2013. 2bn RUR have been allocated from Sverdlovsk Region budget for the multi-faceted development of Nizhniy Tagil in 2013, Governor of Sverdlovsk Region's Information Policy Department reports. Another 20.2m RUR will be directed from the city budget to co-finance the project.

So far, three tramway stations, some tramways, and the overhead wiring grid have been repaired. In addition, three new tramway carriages and three special-purpose vehicles were bought. Also, the roads in Kalinin St, Krugovaya St, and Dneprovskaya St were repaired, and 19 road-building and cleaning vehicles were bought.

The Warm City program covered for the capital repairs of 16km worth of the heating supply network lines in 25 city streets. 196 elevators were replaced with new ones in the apartment buildings of Nizhniy Tagil. Also, under the Clean City program, the boulevard in Dzerzhinsky Avenue is nearly reconstructed by now. The repairs of the Theater Square are complete, and a musical fountain has been installed there.

Finally, under the Safe City program, four road police posts have been equipped with surveillance cameras, and a violations monitoring center was set up. Inside and outside video cameras connected to the monitoring center were installed in two schools and two kindergartens. Seven video surveillance systems were also installed in Theater Square.

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