Yekaterinburg Electrical Network Company: Electric Power Consumption Rises 2.7%

29 August 2012 (09:19)

Yekaterinburg Electrical Network Company transmitted 3.189bn kilowatt-hours worth of electric power in the seven months of 2012. A year earlier, the figure came to 3.105bn kilowatt-hours, the company’s press service reports.

The increase in the amount of electric power transmitted through the company’s network was registered as early as the start of the year. Over the following seven months, the volume of transmitted electric power rose by 2.7% against the seven months of the previous year.

‘The increase in the amount of electric power supplied to consumers has to do with the dynamic development of the region’s economy: the construction of apartment blocks and business and shopping centers. The rapid development of the city’s infrastructure means the consumers are using a lot of electric power,’ says the company’s Chief Engineer Alexander Taranenko.

The local industrial enterprises’ share in the consumption of electricity comes to 28%; the population’s share comes to 34%, and 38% of electric power is used by the non-industrial consumers.

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