ChTZ employees plant over 100 trees in park in Chelyabinsk

October 21, 2013. The workers of Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant (ChTZ) planted over 100 apple and lime trees and birches in the new park that is now being constructed in the north-east of Chelyabinsk Tractorozavodskoy District, says the press service of Uralvagonzavod Corporation, of which ChTPZ is a member.

It was the plant’s trade union that proposed holding a large-scale planting event. The initiative was supported by activists from the plant’s various divisions. The foundry department, as well as the forging, the tool-making, the power, the engine, and the design ones directed their employees to the planting.
‘They planted the nursery plants provided by the town council on the site where young mother will take their newly-borns for a pram stroll in the summer and where children will play,’ the press release says.

‘We were all in a very good mood that day. We learned one rule: every person should plant a tree so that Chelyabinsk’s ‘green lungs’ could do a better job in the highly industrial city. In addition to doing something for the good of society, though, such things also make those who do them happy,’ says ChTZ Deputy Chairman of the Trade Union Nadezhda Filippova.

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