UNTK makes equipment for Uralvagonzavod’s center sill department

14 October 2013 (09:55)

October 14, 2013. Experts from Ural Scientific Research Works (UNTK, a member of Uralvagonzavod Corporation) designed and produced a production line for assembly and welding of hatch covers of gondola cars for Uralvagonzavod. This modern equipment that meets the world’s highest standards, will be installed at the center sill department of the corporation’s head plant. This facility requires very little human presence and thus reduced the number of faulty items to zero, the company’s press service reports.

Creating innovative equipment for making new railway and special purpose goods for Uralvagonzavod is UNTK’s top priority. The company’s departments operate a lot of non-standardized machinery that was designed, made, and installed by UNTK experts, who took into account all the specific features of the Nizhniy Tagil plant.

The production line for assembly and welding of hatch covers for gondola cars started in 2012. The design stage lasted for about eight months, and it took the experts another four months to assemble all the components. Finally, 1.5 months were spent on debugging and arrangement of utility lines. This is actually the 5th such line, and the earlier four lines have already proved very good. The new facility is an improved version, too.

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