Uralvagonzavod Gets 60 Welding Machines from US

14 February 2013 (09:47)

February 14, 2013. Uralvagonzavod’s railway carriage assembly line is now fitted with the American Lincolns – 60 U.S.-manufactured welding machines that were delivered onto Uralvagonzavod Scientific & Production Corporation’s head plant within the framework of a large-scale technical upgrades program. All in all, 120 welding units are used in this department, Uralvagonzavod Scientific & Production Corporation’s press service says.

A half of all the new machines has already been installed and used. The sets will have become fully integrated into the production process by this summer, as the machinery is being replaced non-stop, including weekends and public holidays so as to avoid the stoppage of the railway carriage assembly line. Each new machine comprises a control unit, a welding source, and a semi-automated device. The new welding units are unique in that they have high precision and are easy to set up as well as reliable, multifunctional, powerful and easy to control at the same time. The machines can operate under the most challenging production conditions – and for a long time.

The new units also have the voltage control function. The voltage used to be controlled manually, but now all the welding parameters are supervised by an electronic brain, that is, the control unit. The American machinery allows one to set the necessary voltage down to the nearest tenth within the chosen mode. Lincoln has a lot of operation modes stored in its memory, so it is possible to select the most suitable one for each and every welder.

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