Sverdlovsk Region to raise share of local goods to 33% by 2020

9 October 2013 (09:36)

October 9, 2013. The project on the development of Sverdlovsk Region's food and processing industry in 2013-2020 that was adopted at the region's Government's meeting today means the share of locally produced goods in the total sales volume should increase from 21% to 33%, Sverdlovsk Region Government Press Service & Information Department reports.

Sverdlovsk Region Agriculture & Foods Minister Mikhail Kopytov says that the strategy means that by 2020, the constituency is to produce at least 197,000,000kg of meat a year (compared with the current 115,000,000 kg), 656,000,000kg of milk (against the current 484,000,000 kg), and 178,000,000kg of bread (against the current 160,000,000kg). This means the increase in the amount of staple foods should amount to 71.4% for meat and flesh by-products, to 35.6% for dairy foods, and to 11.2% for bread and pastry.

'The strategy is based on the food and processing industry switching to an innovative development model that will enhance the industry's competitive advantages and increase the amount of good quality, new-generation foods. Special attention is paid to technical upgrades, import replacement, more extensive production cooperation, providing the industry with material resources and good cadre, and SMEs development,' Kopytov said.

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