Specific weight of defective pastry goes up 1.5 times in Sverdlovsk Region

October 3, 2013. Rospotrebnadzor reports an increase in the specific weight of defective pastry in the first half of 2013: this rose by 1.5 times compared with a year earlier. 1,600 kg of bread and pastry out of 9,500 kg were declared defective upon inspection, Sverdlovsk Region division of this federal consumer rights watchdog reports.

Lab tests have shown that nearly 100% of defective bread and pastry are manufactured by small businesses.

Among the small businesses whose produce was declared defective are Pallada+, MEGAMART, Vira-95, and a number of others. Besides, it turned out that Alapayevsk-based Shop 5 and Kachkanar-based canteen that belongs to Holding Remelectro, as well as some other companies, sold foods that were past their sell-by date.

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