Kirovskiy supermarket mishandles foods

16 March 2010 (09:11)

Sverdlovsk Region’s division of Rospotrebnadzor (the state consumer rights watchdog) inspected nine supermarkets run by OOO Lev (Kirovskiy supermarket chain) and detected some violations of the sanitation-and-epidemiological safety regulations and of consumers’ rights, the spokesperson for Rospotrebnadzor reports.

The most common offenses have to do with unsatisfactory sanitary conditions, unaccepted ways of storing foods, ignoring the sell-by date, failing to retain all the price tags with expiry dates on them, lack of control over the quality of pre-prepared foods, sweets, and pastry, failing to meet personal hygiene regulations on the part of the shops’ workers, and violations during medical checkups, hygienic training, and vaccination process.

‘In 35.4% of cases the shops sell foods whose microbiological parameters do not meet the existing norms,’ Sverdlovsk Region’s division of Rospotrebnadzor reports.

What is more, the microbiological parameters of ready-to-eat dishes made in the company’s production shop do not meet the norms in 44.7% of cases, with about 80% of salads’ samples turning out unsatisfactory. The share of unfit foods in the total volume of produce offered for sale by Kirovskiy supermarkets was highest in Yekaterinburg and Kamensk-Uralskiy.

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