2 Ural companies to join Russian Innovation Week in Boston

September 23, 2013. Representatives of two innovative Urals-based companies are going to come to Boston for the Russian Innovation Week – a major event for the Russian innovators, Sverdlovsk Region Business Support Fund (which coordinated the trip) reports.

The annual RIW is targeted at intensifying cooperation between Russian technological companies and their American counterparts. The main idea behind the event is to show Russia’s potential as one of the most investment-attractive European countries that America could invest in over the following five years.

The participating companies – OOO Geomera and OOO New Technologies – were selected by Russian Venture Company when they came to Moscow to attend a seminar on getting a business project ready for investment. The former created an all-purpose set of programs and algorithm libraries called Geomera which makes it possible to speed up and simplify the design of new and upgrade of existing measuring systems. The car-making industry is just one field where the system can be applied.

The latter is going to present a frameless windscreen wiper with a multi-heating system at the RIW. The in-built heater makes it possible to heat the wiper up quickly and evenly, while its concave shape leaves no dirty traces. Besides, the fixtures can be changed easily, so installing the wiper onto the windscreen is fast and simple.

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