US Innovative Companies to Give Talk on Business Development

21 March 2013 (09:26)

March 21, 2013. A teleconference with American and Urals-based innovative companies will take place in Yekaterinburg for the first time on April 9. The event is coordinated by Sverdlovsk Region SMEs Support Fund with some help from the Ural branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, a press release forwarded to UrBC states.

The idea behind such teleconferences is to transfer the American companies’ experience and to help the Ural businesses develop and enter the international markets. The U.S. startups are going to share their successful experience with the locals. The Ural businesspeople, in their turn, will be able to find new partners, get some unique information on how to set up and promote one’s business in America, and learn to apply their foreign counterparts’ expertise in their own business.

The teleconferences are to take place every month and to touch upon a number of topics like transfer of experience in the IT field, success stories in the medical and healthcare industry, and others.

It is reported that the Director of Lifeables Karen Macumber, a digital technologies pioneer, the digital media veteran with twenty years’ experience, and a successful entrepreneur, is going to join the conference on April 9. Macumber took off in AT&T’s Ziff-Davis Interactive in 1993 and became the first Marketing Director at in 1996. In 2000, she set up the digital agency Fulgent Media Group (market capitalization $20m). Her current business, Lifeables e-service, is meant for creating family chronicles. Lifeables compiles family chronicles from various Internet sources and then works this into a single printer- and distribution-friendly document.

During the conference, Ms Macumber will talk about her career and about Lifeables. She will also answer questions on how to choose the best development strategy, attract investment, create s successful team, and make money on innovations.

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