Uralvagonzavod Director Oleg Sienko declared best manager in machine-building industry

September 19, 2013. Director-General of Uralvagonzavod Scientific & Production Corporation Oleg Sienko topped the rating of best managers in the machine-building industry, according to Kommersant Publishing House.

The best managers were selected in every sector; in the IT field, for example, the Director-General of Info Watch Natalya Kasperskaya was selected as the most successful manager. Chairman of Gazprombank Supervisory Board Andrei Akimov was chosen as the best manager among the private banks, and head of Russdragmet Valeriy Oif was selected as the best manager in the metallurgical industry. Maxim Kashulinsky, the Director-General of Slon.ru, was the best in the media business sector.

‘There are some representatives of the New Economy on this list of business leaders, the entrepreneurs whose business is based on the development of intellectually-intensive products. There are some big changes in the top managers’ ratings as well: the resource-based economy is losing its dominance,’ the authors of the rating called Russia’s 1,000 Best Managers say.

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