MMK BOD Chairman gets on Best Managers list

24 September 2010 (09:34)

Kommersant came up with the 11th annual rating of Russia’s Best Managers recently.

The rating is a joint project with the Russian Managers Association aimed at finding the most professional managers and leaders in various branches and departments each year. BOD Chairman of Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works (MMK) Viktor Rashnikov was once again featured in the Business Leaders rating alongside with the country’s most prominent top managers and CEOs of major Russian businesses.

According to the analysts who compiled the list, the main principle behind the rating system was, ‘Let the best select the best’. This means a manager is not evaluated on the basis of the company’s objective performance indicators like revenues or production output, since this would result in a rating of enterprises and not that of the people. Instead, a manager’s professional reputation is assessed, and this characteristic can only be analyzed through polling a body of experts.

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