Court declares Uralsevergaz’s halt in gas supply unlawful

9 September 2013 (09:58)

September 9, 2013. The court declared that Uralsevergaz stopping the supply of natural gas to the boilers in Sverdlovsk Region was illegitimate. So were the actions of TSK Vertical, which deals in boiler maintenance, relating to a halt in the supply of hot water to the local residents and to the socially important buildings in the area, the spokesperson for the public prosecution authorities of Sverdlovsk Region reports.

The claim was placed with the court after an inspection by the public prosecutor of the fact that hot water supply was stopped in May 2013, which left over 400 apartment buildings and 37 social infrastructure facilities in Serov without hot water.

The inspection revealed that hot water supply was canceled due to a halt in the supply of natural gas on the part of Uralsevergaz onto the boilers handled by Vertical, as the latter owed the former some money for the natural gas already supplied.

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