Federal Antimonopoly Service lays claim against Uralsevergaz-NGK

4 June 2008 (07:59)

The Federal Antimonopoly Service took legal action against Uralsevergaz-NGK, claiming that the latter violated the federal bill on the protection of competition (part 1, Article 10) through imposing the disadvantageous agreement terms upon their customers. The lawsuit was initiated following Ural Gas Networks’ complaints.

The spokesperson for the Service reports Uralsevergaz-NGK is currently Sverdlovsk Region’s only natural gas supplier and can boast a 65% share of the gas supply market.

Ural Gas Networks owns a number of boiler installations in the region and depends on natural gas for fuel. This year, the company has sent Uralsevergaz-NGK a letter asking for the supply agreement, and the latter provided the former with the agreements that offered economically and technologically unjustified terms that were not good for Ural Gas Networks, so the company suggested editing the agreements. Uralsevergaz-NGK, however, refused to cancel these disadvantageous terms, therefore violating the antimonopoly legislation, the Service claims.

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