Commuter trains stop operating in Sverdlovsk Region on September 1

27 August 2013 (09:33)

August 27, 2013. The region’s government ruled that 8 commuter trains in Sverdlovsk Region will stop operating on September 1, 2013, the spokesperson for Sverdlovsk Commuter Company reports.

The list comprises 4 electric trains bound for Koltsovo Airport (6036 from Yekaterinburg to Koltsovo Airport and the return train 6037, train 6040 from Yekaterinburg to Koltsovo Airport and the return train 6041) and 2 trains from Shalya to Kordon (6141) and back (6146). Also, electric trains from Yekaterinburg to Keramik (6006) and back (6009) were lifted as well.

‘The trains were canceled upon the region’s government’s agreement, as there were very few passengers on the morning and the evening expresses to Koltsovo Airport will keep operating daily,’ Sverdlovsk Commuter Company says.

The timetable of commuter trains is changing as well.

Starting September 1, Train 7086 from Yekaterinburg to Kamensk-Uralsky is available every day from Sunday to Friday but not on Saturday; the return train 7085 is available daily from Monday to Saturday but not Sunday starting September 2.

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