4.5km-long park to be set up in Yekaterinburg

August 26, 2013. The city’s largest Preobrazhensky Park is going to be set up in Academic District of Yekaterinburg; it will be 4.5 kilometers long, Deputy Mayor of Yekaterinburg Sergey Myamin said at an off-site meeting dedicated to the city’s prospective development in the south-western direction, the city council’s press service reports.

According to the developers, the project for the park layout is virtually ready. Preobrazhensky is expected to become a recreation area for the residents of Academic District as well as a cultural spot. In addition to amusements, fountains, and other entertainment facilities, the place will also get a water park. However, the River Patrushikha will probably become the main and the most visible attraction of the place. Experts are now working to fortify the embankments and to raise the water level.

What is more, since Yekaterinburg currently hosts offices of 340 foreign companies, the municipal authorities decided to build a single, multi-functional business center along Sakharov St.

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