Yekaterinburg to spend over 44m RUR on deportation center

15 August 2013 (13:00)

August 15, 2013. The United Migration Center uploaded an order for the construction of a deportation center for illegal migrants on the government purchases website.

Under the terms of this order, the Center is planning to use a building in the village of Koltsovo located at 15/4 Gornistov St. 44.295m RUR has been allocated for the reconstruction of the building.

The deportation center layout will provide for rooms fit for two, three, and four people; in addition, there is going to be a disinfection chamber and a health unit. What is more, the building will have a room for three-, four- , and five-people families.

The capital repairs are expected to be over by December 1, 2013. The building will then be handed over to Sverdlovsk Region division of the Federal Migration Service.

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