501 foreign workers leave Sverdlovsk Region this year

20 December 2010 (09:17)

‘Operations Taxi Van and Illegal Migrant that Sverdlovsk Region’s law enforcement officers carry out on a regular basis have led to about 40,000 people facing administrative liability this year; these people were both foreign workers and their employers, who had to pay a total of 72 million RUR. 501 foreign workers had to leave Sverdlovsk Region due to violations of the migration laws,’ Deputy Head of Russia’s Federal Migration Service Sverdlovsk Region division Yuri Bezborodov announced at a press conference in Yekaterinburg.

‘The foreign workers were forced to leave due to absence of an ID and staying within the Russian borders for a long time without a stay permit. The deportation is enacted through judicial means: a person will either leave Russia of his or her own accord within a given time period or will have to be deported forcefully,’ the official explained.

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