STZ company newspaper wins in two contests

31 July 2013 (09:16)

July 31, 2013. Seversky Rabochiy, a company newspaper published by Seversky Pipe Plant (STZ, a member of Pipe Metallurgical Company/TMK), won in two specialized contests: it proved the best large-circulation issue dedicated to coverage of trade unions activity among the enterprises in the ore mining and metallurgical sector and also won in TMK Chrystal Furnace company newspaper competition, the company’s press service reports.

The company newspaper contest run in the ore mining and metallurgical sector attracted scores of large-circulation newspapers run by Sverdlovsk Region-based enterprises. Seversky Rabochiy’s expertise in coverage of social partnership, activity of the company’s trade unions, the newspaper’s participation in the trade union projects, and articles on the most proactive trade union members were praised very highly by Sverdlovsk Region Trade Union Committee.

Seversky Rabochiy was declared the best large-circulation newspaper in terms of trade union coverage among the ore mining and metallurgical enterprises based in Sverdlovsk Region. Editor Olga Tupitsina was given a first-degree diploma.

Seversky Rabochiy was also among the winners of the annual Chrystal Furnace contest. The contestant newspapers competed in categories like The Most Company Newspaper, The Most Interesting Newspaper, The Most Stylish Newspaper, and the Best Feature Article. The board of jurors included TMK representatives and people from the industrial media and information agencies. Seversky Rabochiy was declared The Most Stylish Newspaper. The jurors said that the newspaper’s rich content was in full harmony with the way it looked.

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