ChTPZ Groupís newspaper wins in Best In-Company Media 2015

May 26, 2015. Trubnik.Lyudi.Sobytiya.Kommentarii, ChTPZ Groupís company newspaper, won in the Best In-Company Media 2015 Contest as the Best Printed Media/Company Newspaper, the Groupís press service reports.

The newspaper is the successor of ChTPZ Groupís Chelyabinsky Trubnik, founded in 1951. This company newspaper is now distributed at all of the Groupís member enterprises on a weekly basis free of charge. The paper is available in both printed and electronic formats in Chelyabinsk, Pervouralsk, Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Samara, and ten other Russian cities.

ĎOur newspaper keeps on improving, the editorial board always comes up with new ways of presenting their materials, new characters to feature, new headings, and new contests. We make every effort to keep our readers interested,í says ChTPZ Groupís Deputy DG Evelina Grigorieva.

Twenty-two companies with their newspapers, websites, and social network accounts competed in the contest altogether. The jury looked at the skill of presenting company materials, consistency, genre diversity, stylistic expression, concept, and design.

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