Ural Airlines switches to Amadeus online check-in

June 27, 2013. Ural Airlines is now converting to Amadeus, a modern online check-in system that will first be introduced for some of the flights that depart from Yekaterinburg and will later on be launched for all of the company’s other flights, the airline’s press service reports.

Very soon, Ural Airlines Yekaterinburg passengers will be able to enjoy the benefits of Amadeus online check-in system. The check-in process will get faster and easier and will thus save one’s time, while the updated user interface will make every check-in step effortless. The boarding card will be new, too: all the necessary data are now presented in a totally new format that is easy for the passengers to understand. There are also some extra services such as getting a different seat and re-printing of the boarding card in case you lose the original.

All in all, Amadeus online check-in system is expected to make the passenger’s every pre-flight procedure very convenient and meets one of the air carrier’s primary goals: a tailor-made approach to every customer.

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