MMK gets higher on world’s leading steel-makers list

24 June 2013 (09:25)

June 11, 2013. The World Steel Association carried its annual rating of the world’s largest steel-making companies recently.

The WSA’s Top Steel-Producing Companies 2012 list numbers 40 enterprises, and Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works (MMK), with its 13m tons of steel produced last year (given MMK Group’s output on the whole), was given the 26th position in the rating. This was as many as four positions better than a year earlier. All in all, the Top40 list features four Russian manufacturers, and Russia itself, with its 70m tons of steel produced last year, came 5th in the rating of the world’s largest steel-making countries in 2012.

The WSA was originally set up as the International Iron and Steel Institute in 1967. It came to be called the World Steel Association (Worldsteel) in 2008. The Association is a non-profit partnership with offices in Brussels, Belgium, and Beijing, China. The membership list comprises about 170 major steel manufacturers from all over the world. The Association members are responsible for making about 85% of the world’s steel supply.

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