MMK’s output exceeds 700 million tons

1 June 2009 (11:40)

The amount of steel produced by Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works (MMK) since the day of the launch has recently exceeded 700 million tons. The enterprise produced its first batch of steel on July 8, 1933 using the plant’s No.1 Martin furnace. In 1936, a large Martin furnace shop with a dozen 150-ton furnaces was completed, whereas fifty years later, the enterprise had as many as three such shops with thirty-five furnaces altogether. MMK then used to produce up to 16 million tons of steel a year. In addition, an oxygen converter shop was launched in 1990, to become the world’s most productive converter shop to date. The shop’s three 370-ton converters are capable of making over 10 million tons of steel annually. In fact, MMK’s converter steel output figures exceeded 100 million tons in 2006.

The company’s most recent department at the moment is the steel-smelting unit, whose two furnaces (the largest to be found in Russia) have the capacity of 4 million tons of steel a year. Once the company started using the CC machine, they were able to give up on casting forms.

So now MMK’s steel-smelting production facilities that celebrated their 75th anniversary last year have set the output record of 700 million tons of steel. This is believed to be enough to meet the Russian economy’s current needs for the next two decades at least.

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