TMK NGS-Nizhnevartovsk launches new section

June 20, 2013. On June 20, 2013, the new internal coating department will be launched at TMK NGS-Nizhnevartovsk (earlier known as UpoRT) in the course of a solemn opening ceremony, TMK press service reports.

Governor of Khanty-Mansiysky Autonomous Region, Nizhnevartovsk Council officials, and representatives of the region’s leading oil producers have been invited to attend the opening.

TMK NGS-Nizhnevartovsk has therefore implemented its investment project on creating an internal coating department for pipes with the diameter of 73-168mm. The reconstruction of the casing tubing section resulted in the 2,990-square-meter facility that now hosts all the equipment for protective corrosion-resistant coating that can make up to 32,000 tons of fully coated pipes.

The section is as automated and advanced as can be: the delivery and transportation of pipes during the technological process require no human involvement whatsoever, while the SCADA system and the tracking system make it possible to control every item from the moment it enters the site as well as to record and store the flaw-detection test results and the measurements of the thickness of the coating. The dielectric continuity and the evenness of the coating are ensured 100% thanks to the flaw-detection and gauging system made by the Netherlands-based Tern Rey Pipeline Services B.V.

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