CIR STM tests SinaraHybrid loco

June 14, 2013. Experts from Sinara Transport Machines Innovational Development Center (CIR STM, a member enterprise of Sinara Transport Machines) conducted another series of tests on the SinaraHybrid locomotive with the hybrid unit TEM9N using VNIIZhT experimental route, Sinara Group’s PR Center reports.

During the tests, the loco reached the maximum capacity that was set out in Russian Railways’ design specifications in 2011: the loco moved at 100 kmh and carried the load that fit with the design specifications limits. Testing the pilot TEM9N-001 sample started at Lyudinovsky Locomotive Plant and VNIKTI in the spring of 2012. Then, the loco was taken to VNIIZhT experimental route for acceptance and certification tests at the speed range of 40 to 100 kmh.

STM Innovational Development Center started designing SinaraHybrid, Russia’s first diesel-locomotive shunter with the hybrid unit TEM9N, in December 2010, with funding provided by the Skolkovo Foundation. Russian Railways acted as the general research and technological partner for the project. Over 20 innovational solutions were implemented during the design process. At the moment, CIR STM holds four unique patents: the ones relating to the hybrid-drive loco microprocessor-based control and diagnostics systems, to the loco energy unit with its integrated energy accumulating unit, to the hybrid-drive loco’s structure and design, and to the traction electric motor suspension. Five more patent applications have been submitted as well, including one international patent application.

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