Innoprom 2013 forecasting session to welcome scientists from all over the world

June 13, 2013. The world’s best-known futurologists and pioneers in their fields – scientists, business gurus, and experts on technology and innovation – are coming to Yekaterinburg on July 11 to take part in the second forecasting session within the framework of Innoprom International Industrial Exhbition (July 11-14, 2013). This year, the foreign visitors will share their vision of the future developments in Technological Breakthroughs: Where and When? Just like a year earlier, the forecasting session will be moderated by journalist and writer, TEFI laureate and the Book of the Year nominee Leonid Parfenov.

In 2012, the Innoprom forecasting session was attended by Raymond Kurzweil, Guy Kawasaki, Susan Greenfield, Jeff Birch, and Karim Rashid and aroused an enormous amount of interest and got ‘a full house’. This year, a lot of efforts was put into making this year’s event even a greater success than last year’s one: a brilliant cast of speakers are expected to come.

The first person on the list is a Japanese-American and a student of the father of the hydrogen bomb Edward Teller, Professor of Theoretical Physics Michio Kaku, who is both an outstanding scientist and a science popularization activist. His scientific interests lie in the scope of the Theory of Everything, while his enlistment focus is on writing factual books on physics, BBC and Discovery programs on the structure of the universe, lectures, and science wagers. Michio Kaku says that his one purpose in life is approaching the answer to the question of how God created the Universe at least by a step.

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