Rocket supplier for Russia’s Armed Forces to take part in Russia Arms EXPO 2013

28 May 2013 (09:16)

May 28, 2013. Plastmass, a plant that is one of the primary suppliers of shells and free-flight rockets for the Russian Armed Forces, is going to present its produce at the 9th International Arms, Miliatry Vehicles and Ammunition Exhibition Russia Arms EXPO 2013 (RAE 2013). Uralvagonzavod Scientific & Production Corporation acts as the event’s main coordinator, the corporation’s press service reports.

This year, the plant is taking the entire range of its airborne weapons that have already proved efficient in a number of different drills to Nizhniy Tagil. These are the C-8BM free-flight rockets meant for destroying concrete fortifications, the antipersonnel C-8DF ones with a blast warhead charged with a detonating mixture that are suitable for fighting holes, trenches, shelters, and so on, and the C-8KOM ones for attacking modern tanks and armored and non-armored combat vehicles.

In addition to its air-delivered munitions, Plastmass is going to exhibit the models of its high-explosive fragmentation shells for different kinds of weaponry, including tanks, howitzers, and cannons.

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