Personnel Training Center Set up at Uralvagonzavod’s Head Plant

22 March 2013 (09:40)

March 22, 2013. A personnel training center has been set up at Uralvagonzavod Scientific & Production Enterprise’s head plant. The center was born out of the plant’s HR Department and will now be in charge of training both Uralvagonzavod’s workers and those employed at the corporation’s other enterprises, the corporation’s press service reports.

A multi-purpose anticipatory training program is now one of the center’s first large-scale projects. The company allocated more than 10m RUR for this purpose this year. The plant’s employees will be able to get a second qualification and switch to mechanical assembly production, as this trend has proved particularly popular this year. Among the new skills offered are those of a turner, miller, NC machine operator, and some others.

It is reported that the training expenses are covered by the company. A contract is signed with every trainee that entitles him or her to a stipend amounting to his or her average pay in the former workplace, with the top limit set at 17,000 RUR.

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