Academic District to Get Electric Power Accumulating System

21 February 2013 (09:14)

February 21, 2013. Electric power will get accumulated at night time and used during the peak load hours in Yekaterinburg’s Academic District, the spokesperson for Renova-StroyGroup Akademicheskoye reports.

The electric power accumulating system has the capacity of 150 kilowatts and will be installed in one of the buildings in Academic in the summer of 2013.

‘As the electricity rates are growing, so is the need for such kind of equipment. In addition to the intelligent energy control, the accumulating device can also ensure smooth end user supply even in case of a voltage jump and switch to the UPS mode. What is more, the accumulation of electric power means the cost of getting hooked to the electric grids goes down, as the estimated capacity of this or that piece of equipment is determined at the average, rather than the peak level when the accumulating device is used,’ says Chairman of New Technologies Development & Commercialization Center at Skolkovo Nikolai Skladnev.

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