RMK: Nearly 50% of Mikheevsky Employees Live in Varna, Kartaly

14 February 2013 (09:46)

February 14, 2013. Mikheevsky Ore Mining & Processing Enterprise, which is under construction at the moment, has already become one of Chelyabinsk Region’s major employers. About 700 people are currently working on building the enterprise. Once the business has been launched, about 680 new jobs for both white- and blue-collar workers will be created, the press officer of Russian Copper Company (RMK) reports.

By February 1, Mikheevsky Ore Mining & Processing Enterprise has already taken on 169 employees: miners, preparators, energy sector workers, geologists, mineral surveyors, economists, accountants, IT & information security specialists, warehouse attendants, and dockers. 76 people actually come from the local area: 47 workers live in Varna and Varna District, 29 people are residents of Kartaly and Kartaly District, and 3 people come from Chesma.

The enterprise’s HR Department estimated about fifteen new people will have to be employed every month in order to meet the demand for all sorts of specialists.

‘Finding professional cadre is a crucial challenge for the company. We are naturally interested in taking on new personnel from the local young people. You can grow where you are planted, as they say. It is about 20 kilometers between the enterprise’s premises and the nearest towns (Varna and Kartaly) and about 250 kilometers between Mikheevsky and Chelyabinsk. It’s quite complicated commuting to Mikheevsky from Chelyabinsk every day,’ says Mikheevsky Ore Mining & Processing Enterprise’s HR Director Natalya Papulova.

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