Sverdlovsk Region Commuters Can Use Bank Cards to Pay Fares

January 28, 2013. Sverdlovsk Commuting Company is launching a pilot project on cashless fare payment in January 2013. The service will be available on the commuter trains traveling within Sverdlovsk Region and is a part of the company’s customer service enhancement program, Sverdlovsk Commuting Company’s press officer reports.

Passengers can enjoy the benefits of the cashless payment on the electric trains using the stationary POS terminals at the booking offices. All the tellers have already been trained and can help passengers pay with a bank card if necessary. At the end of this cashless transaction, a passenger receives a train ticket and a receipt.

‘Our company’s strategy is targeted at introducing innovational technologies, at expanding the range of services we offer, and at improving on the quality of passenger service. The additional bank-transfer option will make the booking offices performance more efficient, will reduce the lines, and will save the passengers’ time. As this is the first time we have ever launched a service like this, user feedback really matters. If this service proves popular, we will introduce POS terminals in all the parts of the country where we operate,’ says Sverdlovsk Commuting Company’s Director-General.

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