Baptism Diving Coordinated at SinTZ Club

January 25, 2013. A large-scale Baptism Day diving event was organized at the sports facility of Morzhi Sinary that is sponsored by Sinarsky Pipe Plant (a part of Pipe Metallurgical Company/TMK). The event was attended by over 3,000 people of all ages, including the plant workers and the residents of Kamensk-Uralsky with their children.

The full-time Morzhi Sinary Club members and some voluntary assistants among the plant workers cleared the road and the site in advance, set up some lighting and made the ice hole in the River Kamenka with some warning signs. They also built the stairs to get to the ice hole and made sure the sauna and some warm changing rooms were available for the divers. Also, some medical men from the plant’s medical unit were present and kept an eye on everyone.

Morzhi Sinary Club was set up 11 years ago with some help from Sinara Pipe Plant. It now has over 500 members.

‘Supporting some healthy lifestyle initiatives is one of the traditional CSR components for our enterprise,’ says the plant’s Managing Director Sergey Chetverikov. Taking part in the Baptism Day diving definitely serves as a great team-moulding activity for all the generations of workers.

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